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The Rising Figures of Women Clergy

13th September 2018

Church of England figures show a prominent rising in women clergy members after strong support and encouragement from male clergymen. Catherine Nancekievill, the church’s head of discipleship and vocation, said that “changing attitudes are definitely a factor”.

The Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, who joined the Church after a successful career in nursing, is considered a big influence on the number of women aged 40 to 54 being accepted for ordination, which has grown by 32 per cent in two years. The Church of England have released figures that also show that the number of people aged under 32 recommended to train for ordination this year has risen by nearly a third compared to two years ago. Almost three in 10 of those entering training for the priesthood this year are expected to be under the age of 32. However, women make up 54 per cent of this year’s candidates, the highest ever proportion.

Dual Collar Clerical Blouse for Women

After months of product development and refinement, we are proud to introduce the Womens Clerical Blouse. This product is uniquely designed and sold by Hammond & Harper, in order to expand the range of clothing available to women as more and more seek ordainment. For that reason, it is important for us to balance out our range of products to be more inclusive. Our new clerical blouse has a unique feature which is designed to provide flexibility in clerical collar choice.

The material is made from a comfortable, stretch polyester-blend with 3/4 length sleeves. Furthermore, the collar of the blouse features a combination of Tunnel Collar and Vicars Collar fastenings. This allows for you to easily swap the collar out, depending on the occasion or preference.

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